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Deep Cleaning Services in Bronx NY
Deep Cleaning in Bronx New York
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Deep Cleaning Services in Bronx NY

S T Cleaning Services offers expert deep cleaning services in Bronx NY, with years of industry experience to ensure exceptional results. Our trained professionals use advanced techniques and eco-friendly products to thoroughly clean and sanitize your space, reaching areas that regular cleaning might miss. Our services include deep cleaning, home cleaning, office cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, janitorial cleaning, commercial cleaning, and construction cleaning. 

Whether it’s a residential property or a commercial establishment, we precisely clean under heavy furniture, inside all appliances, and even the often-neglected corners, ensuring every inch of your environment is spotless and hygienic. Our services are designed to not only clean but also enhance the overall air quality and ambiance of your premises. Trust us for deep cleaning in Bronx New York, with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. We provide you with a pristine, welcoming space that reflects well on you and your commitment to cleanliness—call us now.


Our Mission

We aim to provide eco-friendly cleaning services that ensure a spotless, healthy environment for homes and offices, prioritizing customer satisfaction and environmental sustainability in every task we undertake.


Our Vision

Our vision is to upgrade house deep cleaning service in Bronx NY by leading with innovation, exceptional service, and a commitment to creating cleaner, safer spaces that enhance the quality of life for our clients.

Deep Cleaning Services: What We Do

Our affordable deep cleaning services in Bronx NY exceed ordinary standards and deliver outstanding results. S T Cleaning Services uses a strategic approach that emphasizes health, safety, and aesthetic appeal. By targeting hidden germs and persistent dirt, we not only clean your environment but also enhance it, making your spaces safer and more pleasant to be in. We deliver transformative office deep cleaning in Bronx that revitalize your workspace, ensuring every detail is accurately addressed.

Enjoy Fresher Air: Indoor Quality Improved Post-Clean.

Safe Environment: Eco-Friendly Products for Healthier Living.

Preserve Your Space: Extend Interior Lifespan with deep cleaning.

Customized Cleanliness: Plans Designed Around Your Specific Needs..

Healthier Homes: Prevent Mold and Mildew with Routine Deep Cleans.

Streamlined Process for Effective Deep Cleaning

Our process is expertly designed to ensure comprehensive coverage and superior cleanliness. Once an appointment is booked, S T Cleaning Services quickly mobilizes its team, which is equipped with state-of-the-art tools and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals. Each session begins with a detailed walkthrough to modify our approach to the unique aspects of your premises. This thorough planning for deep cleaning in Bronx New York, allows us to tackle even the most challenging areas efficiently and effectively, ensuring that every corner of your space meets our high standards of cleanliness.

  • The team arrives promptly, ready with equipment and supplies.
  • Conduct a pre-cleaning walkthrough to identify focus areas.
  • Utilize advanced cleaning techniques for optimal results.
  • The systematic approach ensures no detail is overlooked.
  • Post-cleaning review with the client to ensure satisfaction.
Streamlined Process for Effective Deep Cleaning
Our Services

What We Offer

Home Cleaning

We specialize in office cleaning, focusing on workspaces, meeting rooms, and common areas. Our services include sanitizing surfaces, cleaning floors, and emptying trash to maintain a professional and tidy environment.

Office Cleaning

We offer professional office cleaning with our skilled cleaners who ensure your workplace is spotlessly clean, from desks to communal areas, creating a productive, hygienic environment for your team and visitors.

Move In/Out Cleaning

We offer move in/out cleaning to make transitioning homes smoother. Our detailed cleaning covers every nook and cranny, preparing your old place for the next residents or your new home for move-in.

Janitorial Cleaning

We provide janitorial cleaning services for all types of facilities. Our team performs regular cleaning and maintenance tasks, including restroom sanitation, floor care, and trash removal, to ensure a pristine environment.

Deep Cleaning

We conduct deep cleaning services in Bronx NY, that tackle tough jobs. Our intensive cleaning reaches under furniture, inside appliances, and into corners to eliminate dirt and grime, rejuvenating your space completely.

Construction Cleaning

We take care of the cleanup after construction, ensuring that your refurbished or newly built space is clean and safe for occupancy by eliminating dust, trash, and other construction waste.

Commercial Cleaning

We cater to the unique needs of commercial spaces, providing personalized cleaning schedules, surface sanitization, and maintenance to ensure business operations are conducted in a clean environment.
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Frequently Asked Questions

All our cleaning staff undergo rigorous background checks and complete training to ensure high standards of service and security.

Absolutely, we are happy to accommodate special requests and can modify our services to include specific cleaning tasks as required by our clients.

We offer flexible scheduling, including after-hours services, to ensure our cleaning operations do not disrupt your business activities.

We prioritize customer satisfaction and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with our service, we will return and re-clean the areas in question at no additional cost.

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Reasonable Pricing

Offering quality deep cleaning services in Bronx NY, at affordable prices makes us the preferred choice. All of our prices are transparent and fair, so you know you're getting a good deal when you hire us for cleaning.

why choose us
Discreet and Professional Staff

Our staff maintains maximum discretion and professionalism. We understand the importance of privacy and security in your commercial space, ensuring our presence is unobtrusive and respectful of your work environment.

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We offer various services, including home cleaning, office cleaning, move-in/out cleaning, janitorial services, deep cleaning, construction site cleanups, and commercial cleaning services in Bronx NY.

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